Human-Computer Interaction
at the University of Oldenburg / OFFIS


Welcome to the webpage of the human-computer interaction (HCI) group at the University of Oldenburg and OFFIS. We develop interactive systems and computing technologies to enhance users’ lives. We focus primarily on mobile and ambient user interfaces, where we explore different novel modalities such as visual, auditory and tactile channels in pervasive displays. We strongly embed our research in the fields of personal health and safe transportation, that serve as major application domains.

Please have a look at our research and publications page to find more about our recent work. Students can find information about ongoing courses and thesis topics here.

Our lab is headed by Susanne Boll and Wilko Heuten. Please get in contact if you have questions.


19 October 2019 | Members of INS and HRC presented their research last week during this years Mensch und Computer 2019. You can find publications of Vanessa, Erika, Tim, Uwe, and Sebastian in the proceedings of MuC19 in the ACM Digital Library
17 May 2019 | Cycling Summer School – From July 6th to 12th. The purpose of this summer school is to discuss and explore the design space and interaction methods for technological augmentation of bicycles. The summer school will achieve this goal through a series of inspiring talks, demos, interactive workshops, brainstorming sessions and prototyping activities. Given that cycling is a unique and healthy way of socializing, the summer school will offer various cycling tours to promote outdoor discussions about development of new technologies and research direction by exploring the design space of different cycling areas. To make this exploration engaging and joyful, the program of the summer school is going to be framed around four cycling-related themes: scenic cycling, urban cycling, accessible cycling, and safe cycling. More information can be found on the website.
17 May 2019 | HCI4SAFETY Summer School – From July 1st to July 5th, we are organizing a workshop for HCI in safety critical environments. The summer school gives you insights into the human-computer interaction in such safety critical environments from a scientific perspective but also give the opportunity to get hands on latest research prototypes and systems raining from automated driving, maritime navigation to emergency health care. More information can be found on the website.
24 April 2019 | SMILE EXPO 2019 – We are inviting participants, their friends and family as well as everyone interested to come by and learn about smart things, learning to program, and how to design and realize your own ideas. Please join us on April 27th, 2019 in the Lecture Hall of the University of Oldenburg (Uhlhornsweg 86, 26129 Oldenburg) for our smile expo. The event includes a raffle, small workshops, presentation of our labs and a stage program. Further information (in german) can be found here.
12 April 2019 | For the past two days, we were proud to host the first german PreCHI event, hosting HCI colleagues from all over Germany. We had the opportunity to listen to talks in various subjects and get familiarized with such a great community. Next years event will take place in southern Germany, hosted by the HCI group of Ulm!
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