MobileHCI 2018 Tutorial: Augmenting Augmented Reality

MobileHCI 2018 Tutorial: Augmenting Augmented Reality

Barcelona, Spain ©2018 Maria Rauschenberger

Abstract Today’s Augmented Reality (AR) devices enable users to interact with their surroundings in novel ways (e.g., by pinning digital content onto real world objects). However, current technology used for these devices is limited to optical and video see-through displays. In fact, extending Augmented Reality (AR) beyond screens by accommodating additional modalities (e.g., haptics) or additional visuals (e.g., light) has recently become a large trend in HCI. During this half-day tutorial we provide beginner-level, hands-on instructions for augmenting an Augmented Reality application using additional peripheral hardware.


MobileHCI’18 in Barcelona, Spain on 3rd September 2018

Covered Topics The tutorial will comprise two parts. First, we will provide an overview of Augmented Reality (AR) and AR applications beyond the visual. In addition, we will point out challenges in implementing such experiences as well as available hardware and software choices. Second, we will guide a hands-on activity where participants will receive step-by-step instructions for interfacing a state-of-the-art head-mounted display (Microsoft Hololens) with a peripheral hardware platform (Node MCU). Based on this, participants will explore various options of how the created interface can be used to extend the design space for Augmented Reality applications, including the use of light, vibration, shape-changing elements, as well as heat and airflow.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!