Human-Computer Interaction
at the University of Oldenburg / OFFIS


Welcome to the webpage of the human-computer interaction (HCI) group at the University of Oldenburg and OFFIS. We develop interactive systems and computing technologies to enhance users’ lives. We focus primarily on mobile and ambient user interfaces, where we explore different novel modalities such as visual, auditory and tactile channels in pervasive displays. We strongly embed our research in the fields of personal health and safe transportation, that serve as major application domains.

Please have a look at our research and publications page to find more about our recent work. Students can find information about ongoing courses and thesis topics here.

Our lab is headed by Susanne Boll and Wilko Heuten. Please get in contact if you have questions.


5 SEPTEMBER 2018 | This week we present four papers, a tutorial, a position paper and a poster at MobileHCI 2018 in Barcelona. #hcioldenburg
10 AUGUST 2018 | After two months, this years IRES participants showed us their impressive work including VR Traffic Situations (Bella), Device-to-Fog Projections (Theo) and Belts that give directional hints with vibration, pressure, or temperature (Stepheny). #NSF
10 AUGUST 2018 | All good things must come to an end. Today, our very own Shadan successfully defended her PhD thesis. We thank you for a great time. #hci #hcidoldenburg #phdlife
19 JULY 2018 | #hcioldenburg team and our #ires #nsf students @arvrsummerschool in Weimar – looks like fun and inspiration!
19 JUNE 2018 | Come and visit our exciting tutorial on Augmenting Augmented Reality at the MobileHCI ’18 in Barcelona